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  • Why live in CityU?

    Because it is very close to all universities, meets all the necessary safety standards, has an excellent team of people prepared to help you in any eventuality and has all the services that are needed during university life.

  • What are the price ranges per room?

    Rooms in CityU start with costs from 350 usd and have all the services included such as study rooms, TV rooms, games rooms, 24-hour gym, furnished apartment and a large shopping area.

  • Can I have food service?

    Monthly cooking courses are handled that motivate residents in the gastronomic learning processes, there is a communal kitchen with kitchenware loans, plus there is a kitchen in each apartment. However, there is no power service included.

  • What should I do to hire?

    Be linked to a higher education institution, fill out the application form, have a financial officer, sign the contract, copies of resident documents and financial managers, financial supports and certificate of studies.

  • Can I choose to live with my friends?

    YES, you can live with your friends in an apartment, or you can specify in your form what kind of person you want to live with and it makes a characterization of your future roommate.

  • What do I do if my parents have to visit me as an emergency?

    The parents of our residents will always be welcome in CityU, we have 6 semi-annual nights in which you can stay in another apartment as a short stay, with all the amenities, you can also make use of the 6 nights per month for residents to month.

  • What can I do if I don't get along with my roommate?

    There is an area in charge of your adaptation, they will help you with whatever you need, and it will be done to make you in the most comfortable place, with the people you want to be with.


  • Can I customize my room?

    At CityU we love that you let your creative side take out, you can decorate your room however you want, as long as it does not affect the facade of it.

  • Is there a laundry room?

    We have three large laundry facilities available to residents 24 hours a day. Here you can wash and dry your clothes without leaving the house.

  • Is there a time of entry?

    CityU residents can enter the citadel at any time, as far as companions are concerned, for safety reasons must be registered by 11pm during the week or 1:00 PM during weekends.